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Piatra Craiului Trips

Several Piatra Craiului Trips are available this summer. Which one will you choose?

For mountain hikers and climbers, Piatra Craiului is an unforgettable memory. There are several tourist routes to explore this massif, but the main attraction remains a hike on the main ridge, where, mind you, there are no huts but only three refuges. The network of marked trails is well developed but a minimum of experience is still recommended for the more complicated routes. Many tourists choose different Piatra Craiului Trips, depending on their fitness and love for nature. Many of them, however, are not paying enough attention to the preparation stage. This means they often don’t check how the weather will be like before they leave home. Make sure you do this because the weather on the mountain can change very quickly.

Why the Massif became a National Park?

The purpose of designating Piatra Craiului Massif as a National Park is to ensure the conservation of biodiversity and landscape, valuable species, promotion and encouragement of tourism, public awareness and education in the spirit of protecting nature and its values.

Piatra Craiului TripsThe conservation of biodiversity, landscape and valuable species involves inventorying, mapping and monitoring them and at the same time appropriate management measures to protect them. Several day trips and tours are available through our Piatra Craiului Trips personalized package, and all of them comply to the rules and regulations of the area.

The promotion and encouragement of tourism is based on the provision of an infrastructure that allows the park to be visited in a way that does not harm the principles of biodiversity conservation, but at the same time leads to the generation of specific services and activities within the local communities, which contribute to their sustainable development.

Why do we love Piatra Craiului Mountains so much?

The Piatra Craiului massif is the only mountain that stands out for its altitude, spectacularity and beauty of the ridge, it is a compact and prominent mountain massif. Piatra Craiului is said to be like a steep, jagged “blade” of sedimentary rock, about 25 km long and 6-8 km wide.

If we think about its unique features and treasures, we will always put the mountain landscapes of the French, Bavarian or Swiss Alps on a par with those we find here in Romania.

The specific landscape of Pietra Craiului, “packaged” in thousands of images by amateur or professional photographers, is definitively characterized by its unique ridge, unique in Romania’s mountain relief for its four defining features: altitude, length, prominence and unity. So choose to hike on this mighty element of nature. All the Piatra Craiului Trips that you can choose from are 100% customizable, which means you will surely find one to suit all your needs.

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